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HILIFE MUSIC GROUP artist Anton releases first single from forthcoming album

The new single “Sweet Love” is available on the

Hilife Music Group Label from April 2024

Anton’s highly anticipated first single of 2024 comes from his forthcoming album “The Score”, the new single featuring Mello D and Leonardo is a cover version of the classic hit single "Sweet Love" from the legendary R&B singer, songwriter Anita Baker.

The original version of “Sweet Love” was released by Anita Baker in 1986, winning a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song, the single peaked at number eight in the US Billboard hot 100 chart, and received top twenty status in the UK singles chart as well as having significant chart success worldwide.

Given the phenomenal success of this classic hit single, Anton has no easy task of maintaining the high standards that this timeless masterpiece has already set in place.

Anton’s rendition of “Sweet Love” produced by Anton for Hilife Music Productions, principally diverts from the original version of the song, in terms of the arrangement as well as certain aspects of melody and lyrical content, along with a number of other attributes, compared to the original composition, although the adaptation of the backing track and the chorus are loosely maintained.

In copyright law this makes the new version of the song a derivative work, being an expressive creation that includes major copyrightable elements of a first previously created original work. The derivative work becomes a second, separate work independent from the first. Anton’s rendition of “Sweet Love” adds additional elements such as Rapping, silky smooth harmonies with elegant and highly sophisticated vocal gymnastics.

In any case, this imaginative rendition of “Sweet Love” starts off with an adaptation of the distinctive and widely known intro from the original version, which then continues with the introduction of silky harmonies that lead into the first verse.

The song arrangement then consists of a first verse then chorus followed by a second verse and chorus. The song then continues into the bridge followed by a final verse then chorus.

Each verse is rapped by the featured artists, and delivered by both performers with masterful rhymery and a traditional flow, the first verse and third verses are rapped by Mello D and the second verse rapped by Leonardo. The bridge vocal is delivered in a classic R&B format, beautifully sung by Anton as well as the R&B artist delivering a number of superb and extremely skilled vocal gymnastics throughout the entire song, whilst smooth harmonies that are absolutely sensational bring a classic feel to the overall sound.

To sum things up, Anton’s rendition of “Sweet Love” most definitely score’s full marks, With the artist having delivered a high quality, well produced song that will absolutely make fans, as well as music consumers extremely delighted.


Anton fans are also eagerly anticipating “Sweet Love’s” accompanying music video and if that’s not enough to get hearts racing, Anton’s album is scheduled to be released later on this year. “Sweet Love” is out on the Hilife Music Group label on all platforms from 10th April 2024.

Listen to “Sweet Love” visit:

For more information visit Hilife Music Group press office.

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