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HILIFE MUSIC GROUP CEO Adrian Fife Presents an Award at Music Award Ceremony

The Esteemed Leicester Music and Entertainment Award Ceremony was filled with a Night of Talented Artists and outstanding Performances.

HILIFE GROUP CEO Adrian Fife presented an award for best male vocalist at the Leicester music and entertainment awards. The award ceremony that took place in the city of Leicester at the Peepul Enterprise in the city’s Cultural Quarter, honoured artists, performers and entertainers of all music genres and incorporated categories from music, entertainment and dance.
The founder of the awards said “this was a monumental occasion” adding “this was an emotional, special, and celebratory night of memorable performances, speeches and touching moments.”

HILIFE MUSIC executives attended the event along with senior managers and directors. HILIFE GROUP Chief Executive Officer expressed appreciation of up-and-coming artists and offered congratulations to all of the finalists, and said “I was honoured to be presenting the award recognizing superior vocal performance by a male artist.”

Fife also stating “it is always great to see gifted and talented artists with that extra something, performing live, in addition to having a belief in hard work in order to get to the level of performance required by today’s artists, which encourages ever higher standards, and ultimately inspires the listener.”

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