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Appoints New Executive Officer


The addition to HILIFE GROUP executive management team shows the desire, motivation and driving force behind HILIFE GROUP.

London, UK - HILIFE MUSIC GROUP,  Chief Executive Officer Adrian Fife,
announced the appointment of respected executive Neil Reuben to HILIFE GROUP, who takes on the role of Chief Operations Officer, effective immediately.

The appointment comes alongside a strategic expansion of operations and infrastructure within HILIFE GROUP of companies.

Reuben joins HILIFE MUSIC GROUP as an accomplished executive and organiser with years of experience in his field, and with his vast knowledge and capability, provides that additional energy and drive required to push operations forward throughout the Group.

In his new role, he will help lead operations in all aspects of HILIFE GROUP, including music, media and sports, He will be supported within each sector by subdivision executives and management.

Additionally, Reuben will work closely with the Chief Executive Officer, utilizing his broad career and experience to help manage operations across the board.
This strategic initiative and executive appointment, accelerates the company focus on growing the entire network of the group, including pre-recorded music, music and audio production, music publishing, media, sports, brands, brand partnerships and merchandising. 

“This significant expansion of HILIFE MUSIC GROUP capabilities will significantly accelerate and increase efficiency and productivity,” says the company CEO.
“The new addition to our management team shows our drive to expand the boundaries of commercial success for our labels and other businesses within the group and to amplify opportunities in the UK and internationally.”

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