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HILIFE MUSIC GROUP to Expand Main Production Department to Greatly Enhance Capabilities

The Move was Given the Go-ahead to Resolve the Constant Increase in Production Requirements.

HILIFE MUSIC GROUP,  CEO Adrian Fife, Has announced HILIFE MUSIC GROUP’s intention to expand their main production department, HILIFE MUSIC PRODUCTIONS. The development of the department, approved by the Chief Executive Officer, is devised to greatly increase efficiency and productivity.

The expansion that was given the go-ahead a number of months prior to the now rescheduled commencement of the upgrade, was placed on hold during the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak, and while a number of other pressing issues were resolved. The move was authorised by the CEO, with the purpose of meeting ever increasing requirements.

The HILIFE MUSIC PRODUCTION department that sources all aspects of music and audio production throughout HILIFE GROUP includes, pre-recorded music, instrumentals, audio design, sound effects, soundscapes and Foley, while HILIFE MUSIC GROUP subsidiary companies HILIFE MUSIC and Rebel Studios make available recording studios and mastering services. 

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