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The Initiative benefits the Community and in turn Enhances the Quality of Life

HILIFE MUSIC and HILIFE SPORT, subsidiaries of HILIFE GROUP have partnered with the YMCA to work with the youth and special needs children. HILIFE GROUP better known for Music and Entertainment, have combined resources with the YMCA to provide recording studio facilities and sports coaching staff. 

The Chief Executive Officer Adrian Fife stated “strong, healthy and robust neighbourhoods and communities create opportunities that allow us to live more meaningful lives.” 

HILIFE GROUP supports a diverse set of programs and initiatives designed to enhance the quality of life in the communities in which we live” says Fife.

“Since 2010 HILIFE GROUP have been a proud supporter of preserving arts, education and providing career pathways, programs and access to under privileged and under-represented youth by establishing and funding unique programs.”

According to the CEO, “HILIFE MUSIC and HILIFE SPORT are dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities where we live. The company is focused on inspiring and educating the youth through the use of its technologies and resources and focuses its efforts on supporting education and training.”

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