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HILIFE MUSIC GROUP Subsidiary Company HILIFE MEDIA To Merger with


The Consolidation of the Combined Company Resources Increases Services That we can offer to Artists and Clients.

London, UK - HILIFE MUSIC GROUP,  Chief Executive Officer Adrian Fife,

announced HILIFE MUSIC GROUP have completed negotiations with MUZIK-I-MANAGEMENT, and reports are confirmed that discussions have been successful, with both parties having expressed extreme delight regarding the unification of the organisations and both companies are keen for the merger of HILIFE MEDIA and MUZIK-I-MANAGEMENT to move forward.

The merger consolidates both companies, HILIFE MEDIA and MUZIK-I-MANAGEMENT with an eye toward stimulating growth and gaining a competitive edge.

MUZIK-I-MANAGEMENT an innovative independent artist-management, promotions and event management company will consolidate resources with HILIFE GROUP subsidiary HILIFE MEDIA to greatly enhance their marketing, promotion and advertisement capabilities.

HILIFE MUSIC GROUP Chief Executive Officer said “I am excited to have

MUZIK-I-MANAGEMENT onboard. Considering that they are a long-time company partner and client of HILIFE GROUP.

HILIFE MUSIC GROUP has a deep understanding of MUZIK-I-MANAGEMENT and how it conducts business, furthermore we are thrilled to be working closely with them as part of the team in addition to MUZIK-I-MANAGEMENT offering additional resources throughout the entire HILIFE GROUP.”

The CEO added, “I am excited to develop HILIFE GROUP’s long-standing relationship with MUZIK-I-MANAGEMENT, a company we already view as a member of our extended family. And through our consolidation, investment and resources of the combined companies, we will continue to increase the services that we can offer to artists and to our clients.

After completion of the merger, MUZIK-I-MANAGEMENT Chief Executive Malcolm Stanley will operate as Chief Marketing Officer, I am pleased to welcome him to HILIFE GROUP of companies and to develop our combined capabilities further.”

Date: 29 March 2021

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