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Launches, ARTIST 50 – 50

The unique service pushes Music Industry Boundaries

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, - HILIFE MUSIC GROUP’s new service Artist 50 – 50, allows artists to partner with the label on a 50 – 50 deal for music releases.

The new service approved by the company CEO and scheduled to arrive in July 2021, has been given the name Artist 50 – 50 by the company, and comprises of the pre-recorded music, release, of a single or EP, the service is offered principally to well-known and reputable artists that have an established fan base.

Chief Executive Officer Adrian Fife. welcomes the move stating “the Artist 50 - 50 service enables the artist to easily work with HILIFE MUSIC GROUP as a company, providing equal flexibility for both parties with neither side being tied into a conventional deal long-term commitment.”

According to the HILIFE GROUP CEO, the industry is constantly evolving, and therefore it is essential to continually move forward and transition with the times. The new Artist 50 – 50 service demonstrates HILIFE MUSIC GROUP’s drive, commitment and strategies for adaptation and modernisation, in order to provide relevant products and services for artists and clients.

Fife stating, “ARTIST 50 - 50 provides the platform for artists to continue to do what they do best, being creative and selling records with less administration and documentation involved.”

The Artist 50 – 50 service was in the process of development prior to being paused for several months, now endorsed and pushed forward by the CEO.

The CEO adding “other services are due to be rolled out under the Artist 50 – 50 application, the service simplifies all aspects of the agreement between an artist and HILIFE MUSIC GROUP.

Fife adding, “It can be very difficult for an artist to create, market and release a record, not to mention distribution and then to self-promote, any project of this magnitude requires a good team behind it in order for it to be successful.”

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