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Launch new Designer brand JORVINCI

The Launch of the retail Sub-division and Designer Brand aligns company milestones

HILIFE GROUP have announced the launch of their new designer clothing Brand, JORVINCI. The launch of the JORVINCI range comes only months following the unveiling of their HILIFE clothing line, and follows on from the successful introduction of the HILIFE Clothing Brand.

The move comes following HILIFE GROUP revealing plans to fuel growth throughout the organisation at a recent meeting with company executives.

The JORVINCI brand, available through subsidiary HILIFE DESIGNER BRANDS, the retail subsidiary of HILIFE GROUP, plan to launch several brands within their range, initially delivering the JORVINCI range of clothing.

The JORVINCI branding is high profile, creative and in your face with a unique relaxed urban style, using only high-quality materials. Other selected products in the range will be footwear, headwear and undergarments.

The online fashion retail company HILIFE DESIGNER BRANDS offers styles and trends across men’s and women’s retail and have mentioned their interest in progressing into high end fashion with other products due to be added to the range.

“HILIFE GROUP’s organized program of measures and strategy laid out for progression of the organization always included the launch of a retail subdivision and retail designer brand” says Chief Executive Officer Adrian Fife. “With the launch of JORVINCI we are steadily coming in line with milestones that were set out for this point in time.”

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