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The ground-breaking service, which was previously on hold, is the first of its kind in the music industry.

London, UK - HILIFE MUSIC GROUP is pleased to announce it has delivered an industry first with its ground-breaking service, “Purchase a Record Deal.”  

HILIFE MUSIC GROUP has relaunched its “Purchase a Record Deal” service through its subsidiary company, AGRADE MUSIC – a move which enables artists to purchase a record deal, benefiting from all the aspects of a record deal that other artists with a conventional record deal experience.


This pioneering service, targeting artists, groups and bands, allows artists to take control of their career and creates opportunities that would not have previously been available. “Purchase a Record Deal,” currently on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak, was originally created in 2017 and is due to relaunch in the spring.


HILIFE MUSIC GROUP has been pioneering innovative and ground-breaking ways in which a record company works.  Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Fife, has been at the centre of this project during its development and launch and has been excited to be part of this game-changing service.

“With the merger of a large number of record companies, both major and independent, record companies are signing significantly fewer acts – which are, for the most part, only signing artists that have a proven track record in terms of sales, in addition to being popular among music consumers,” says Fife.  “With over 10 million solo acts, groups and bands that are looking for a record deal worldwide, you can only imagine how difficult it is to get signed by a record company, as only a very small number of artists ever procure a record deal.  This is where HILIFE MUSIC GROUP comes in.”


HILIFE MUSIC operates to the contrary of the traditional record company, whereby old-style companies (depending on the type of contract) provide an artist with an advance (varying amounts of money), and then recoup this money from artist record sales etc.  Subsequently, when the company has recouped its advance, only then will the company/artist generate further revenue - certainly at a very high risk.  This is one of the reasons why record companies of today prefer to sign an artist with a proven track record.

AGRADE MUSIC operates by way of a client paying an upfront fee, effectively precuring the complete HILIFE GROUP, expert knowledge and capability as a record company in order to create, produce, market, release, distribute and promote the completed song.

With HILIFE MUSIC GROUP, the client can bypass traditional record companies and processes of looking for a record deal by taking matters into their own hands. In essence, this can be seen by the client as a major investment in themselves, their talent and their own career, with great potential to significantly increase their investment.


With this new service, HILIFE MUSIC GROUP is creating new opportunities for clients that would not have previously received the chance, nor would have procured the traditional record deal, turning the music industry on its head with the way in which a record company operates.

“Through AGRADE MUSIC, HILIFE GROUP has developed this unique, innovative and ground-breaking style of operation at the same time as pioneering this new and exciting approach,” Fife states. “We are the new and improved style of record company that is continually moving forward, transitioned into the only record company of its kind.”

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